Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Stay Warm - Go Bowling in the 'Burgh:

   If your bored with being shut in the house, bowling is a great way to beat the doldrums of a long winter. Here in the 'Burgh, Alpha Lanes offers some very family friendly activities, and prices. Lansingburgh High School's boy & girls bowling teams use Alpha as it's home turf, with the establishment offering reduced prices  for Youth Bowling on Saturday mornings. They also work with the Boys & Girls Club, participating in an after school program for kids to bowl, along with offering discount coupons for kids while they are on the many breaks they receive during the school year. Family coupons are also made available online. Owner Joe Scaccia has a HUGE heart when it comes to raising money for a worthwhile effort. There's been so many fundraisers that I've seen in my 21 years living in this community, I couldn't possibly list all of them -- there's not enough space! Alpha also has leagues going every night of the week, and offer a special, Casino Ladies Night on Wednesdays. They have a full snack bar with great pizza, along with a variety of fine beverages, with OTB Easy Bet available right there.

   Bowling is as American as apple pie, so be a Patriot and support your local Alpha Lanes. Keep your money local.