Friday, June 15, 2012

River St. Arts Fest 2012:

Join us on Saturday, June 16th for Troy's signature event, the River St. Arts Festival. Headlining the event will be 90's rockers, Stroke 9.
There will be three stages of music for all to enjoy.
Main Stage / Broadway & 2nd St.:
11am -- Rich Ortiz
12:30 --Acoustic Trauma
1:45 -- Graham Tichey Band
3:30 -- Stroke 9

Local Stage // State & River St.
11:00am -- Chelsea Cavanaugh
12:15pm -- Mike McMann & the Doornails
1:30 pm --  Shut Up Tim
2:15 pm -- Maurizio
3:15 pm -- The Mysteios

Kids Stage // On the side of the Arts Center building
4 acts, all geared to children.

More than 100 food & craft vendors will also be on hand. So join us for all the fun, from 10am to 5pm, right here in the home of Uncle Sam.
ENJOY TROY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!