Thursday, January 19, 2012

Happy New Year and Pass the Cheese Please:

   I've been wondering what my first blog post for 2012 was going to cover. Troy is just such a vibrant city at times, with so many fun and exciting things going on, I just couldn't decide what the heck to write about. The politics in this town pretty much write their own stories, and plus, my bud Jim Franco has his hand on most things happening in that no dice there. Sports? I'm a baseball fan who wish's the grand old game went year round, and I'm extremely upset the Yanks just traded Jesus I'm not writing about that either. Just when I thought I had writers block -- there on today's front page of the print edition of the Record was, the billboard that broke the writers bedrock.
   Now you cannot, should not, nor will not eat cheese, or we will gross kids out so bad, they will vomit in mom's mini van after seeing the disgusting GIANT BILLBOARD of an over-sized, obese, cellulite marked thigh  - and mom may veer off the road into a ditch at the distraction, but please don't eat the cheese cause you may get fat. You know what? If you over indulge in many things, you may put on weight. The key with cheese is like anything else -- moderation, moderation, moderation! It just really gets to me when some agenda driven group is allowed to put up a billboard as distracting as this. The DOT should have some sort of regulation against this type of advertising.  I also think that those rolling billboards should not be allowed on our highways where people are traveling more than 70mph. Am I the only one who thinks this is a safety concern that someone should be looking at? There's enough road hazards out there every day that it's not in any one's best interest to provide additional distractions for drivers.
   Look folks, if you sit, Ala George Costanza, in your underwear eating a giant block of cheese on a regular basis, or stuff a dozen or so double cheese-burgers down your throat every week -- you may develop a blockage or four. Putting a giant, obese, cellulite ridden thigh on a humongous sign above eye level on a well traveled road,  just might kill you faster than that slice of cheese on your sub will. If the organization who paid for those gross billboards, took the money they paid, and gave it to a local food pantry, it would greatly help the many families who are struggling in today's economy. 

Join me tomorrow when I write about how many times you should chew each bite!