Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Baseball, Steroids, & Government Waste

   With the opening day of baseball coming up fast, fans like myself are looking forward to hearing the words, play ball, resonate throughout the nation. But once again, as it has over the past few seasons, steroids in our beloved game dominate the headlines. The Barry Bonds saga is a sad one.
When he burst on the scene in 1987 as a second generation superstar, he was lean, fast, and could do it all on a ball-field.  As he grew older his body, we'll just say kind of, overdeveloped. Look, it was as obvious as the never ending voter fraud conspiracy case in Troy, that the guy was on the juice. I mean, his head even got bigger!
With that said, the point I'm driving at here is that this whole big investigation into steroid use in baseball -- is a Fucillo HUGE waste of money. Who the heck cares about what a ball player is doing to himself. The government gives people a Social Security check if they're drug addicts or alcoholics. But they persecute baseball players for using performance enhancing drugs? Not that I'm condoning the use of them, but what's the difference between doing steroids, and players in the 60's thru the 90's, using amphetamines, or players in the 70's & 80's using cocaine as a means to stay stronger & be more alert? All were illegal --correct?

   In my mind, there's no place for any of that in baseball -- but it did occur, and there's nothing that can change what's already happened. But for the Federal Government to waste millions upon millions of dollars investigating this issue, with more going to be spent, it's time to put an end to it all. Could you imagine if just a fraction of that money could go towards helping the homeless,or feeding the hungry? Or maybe putting some of it towards finding a cure for cancer, or ALS. Or distributing money to struggling municipalities facing critical fiscal times.
   The athletes who used performance enhancing drugs will suffer later in life, and they have nobody to blame but themselves. Some are already paying. Watch Jason Giambi, or A-Rod as they now have more and more leg injuries. Giambi injured a hamstring just walking to the dugout a few seasons ago for God's sake. I pray that they don't both wind up like pro footballer, Lyle Alzado, who died a horrible death, directly related to steroid use. I'd love for the government to furnish us with a tally sheet with the total cost  of this investigation. These publicity hungry politico's should move on real issues. All to often they forget what got them there, and use taxpayers funds like it's their own piggy bank.

   Barry Bonds lied under oath, for that, he will probably pay dearly -- as well he should. What I'm saying though is that the whole investigation by the government should never had started. The money could have been put to better use.