Friday, March 30, 2012


   The Easter Bunny was spotted hopping across Third St. today, according to eyewitnesses. Wearing a turquoise sash, astonished shoppers stood in awe, as the iconic figure gracefully worked his way through downtown, playfully racing after a school bus full of what he believed to be children, but instead was full of inmates being transported back to Rensco County Jail. "Here I was looking for kids, and boy did I make BIG mistake, " said a laughing E. Bunny.
   This roving reporter caught up with him today to ask him a few questions:
VC --  How long have you've been doing this Mr. Bunny?
EB  -- Well Vito, I was around long before Bugs Bunny was, that's for sure.
VC --  How come you chose Troy over other Capital District towns?
EB --  Troy is the home of Uncle Sam, and the kids are always so nice to me when I come. I'm also looking forward to going over to Dinosaur for a rack of ribs.
VC -- So where will you be tomorrow.
EB -- We'll be at Prospect Park, beginning at 11:30.
VC -- Any advice for the kids tomorrow?
EB -- Tell mom & dad to call your dentist ahead of time -- I'm bringing a HUGE amount of candy.

   Join us tomorrow at 11:30. Bring the kids, and meet the Easter Bunny.

Where -- Prospect Park
When  -- March 31 -- 11:30 a.m.
Free --Free --Free