Thursday, December 30, 2010

What to do in the Burgh on New Years Eve:

Why would anyone travel on New Years Eve, when there's plenty of great specials right here in the 'Burgh you can take advantage of. Take your pick from deals being offered at, Trader Ed's, Renahan's, Pip's II, Badass Burrito, and the all new, Mustang Bar B Que. Don't forget the old mainstays like, Verdile's & Testo's either. If it's lighter fare your looking for, try Jimmy's, Anthony's Pizza, Sunny Wok, Spring Garden, Mr. Subb, or Subway.
Basically what I'm saying here is to try and keep your dollars local this year. The more we can spend our money locally, the better of a chance your local business will thrive and survive. Plus, if you enjoy having a few drinks, most of these places are within walking distance of your home, if you live in the 'Burgh. Why take the chance of driving if you're planning on having a few drinks? Stay close to home, and keep your dollars local.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

It's Merry Christmas - Not Happy Holiday:

   Merry Christmas -- there, I've said it. It this offends you -- go to the next Blog. On Christmas, Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. This is our belief. Why should we be denied the expression of our faith?What gives anyone the right to sue a city for displaying a Nativity scene at Christmas? What gives the parent of one child, the right to deny an entire school class a Christmas party because it offends them? Well you know what, we the taxpaying public are tired of being told what is the right way to say something, what to worship, and what we are even allowed to eat. Every time you open a newspaper you see more and more, that we are being led down the path to being a Socialistic country.
   The words, In God We Trust, on our currency is even being attacked these days. Don't these people have anything better to do? With the number of homeless people rising everyday, our tax dollars are being wasted on doing studies on the effects of trans fats / and how to ban them., along with studies on how to make school lunch's healthier --- Leave the canolli, take the carrots,  so to speak. Every time you turn around, the Liberal left is trying to cram more regulation, and basic denial of our Civil Rights down our throats.
   I'd like to see just one of our elected officials grow a set and say, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Stop cowering down to these special interest groups, and do the right thing for the people you represent. One by one, our basic liberties are being taken away. Our lives are regulated to the bursting point. Recently, a city council member of a town in Long Island, had two 12 year old's ticketed, for selling lemon-aid and cookies in a public park without a permit. The kids were trying to get some pocket cash for God's sake. They should have gave these kids an award for trying to earn their own money. But this council fool wanted them to obtain a permit -- for $500.
   What I'd like to see in the upcoming year is our powers that be, our courts, and just people in general, use a more common sense approach to things. I'd like to see some of the burden taken off the backs of the taxpayers we have left. I'd like to see people, and public officials be able to say the word, God, without some self righteous fool suing cause it offends them. If this posting offends you -- too bad! Like I said -- move on to the next Blog then. The United States Constitution also guarantee's ME the  taxpayer, the right to speak my mind, without the threat of retribution. I have a voice, and I intend to use it. Many feel the same as I do, that the world is upside down. It's time for us, the taxpayers, to have a real voice again.
   Merry Christmas to all. Don't be afraid to say it people.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What the Guys in Parks & Recreation are Thankful For This Year:

   Sometimes we tend to forget what is important during the holiday season. Everyone gets so worked up over what they need to buy, and where to buy it. Sometimes, we need to reflect on what really is important, and what truly makes us happy. I know what I'm thankful for this year. But I was curious as to what my co-workers in the City of Troy's Department of Parks & Recreation are thankful for. Here's what they said:
Vinny - "I'm thankful for having a job in this economy."
Fudd -- "I'm thankful that we have 'Super Hero's to keep us safe."
Sean -- " I'm thankful for having a beautiful , healthy baby girl, and a wife who puts up with me."
Jim -- " I'm thankful for my health,  family, and having a steady job."
Christian - "Friends, family & the opportunity to get a good education."
George -- "I'm thankful that the Dodgers hired Don Mattingly" -- and for Vito".
More to come tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Support Your Local Restaurants This Christmas Season:

   If you are having a party, or just going out to dinner this Christmas Season, the city of Troy offers so many different, and diverse restaurants, it would be a shame to see our residents taking their dollars across the river. With so many local eateries struggling to stay afloat, it's in everyone's best interest to spend your money close to home. In Lansingburgh for instance, some new establishments have opened, or reopened recently.
Renahans (the former Olde Daley Inn, 499 House, Mahoney's, Mj's) recently reopened, as has Pips II. Both of these long time 'Burgh mainstays are under new ownership, and need our support to thrive and survive.
   With all the hoopla recently regarding the new Dinosaur Bar B Que -- which has fantastic food by the way, other restaurants in Troy have seemed to have gotten lost in the shuffle. Another bar b que place will soon be opening in the 'Burgh. Mustang Smokehouse Bar B Que is located on the corner of 5th, and 112th St., should open it's doors before Christmas. That entire 112th St. area will now offer more choices for hungry people. Between Graham's Lansingburgh Cafe, Jimmy's Pizza, Mustang, Badass Buritto, and Pip's, you can pretty much get any type of food you desire, all within a one block radius. Renehans on 2nd Ave, and a few blocks to the North with Verdile's gives you even more choices. Testo's is still thriving at it's 4th Ave local, with Sunny Wok just a block away to the East.
   Downtown is filled with fine eateries. Nothing too expensive, just fine restaurants, run by local people. From LoPorto's to Minnesales on 14th St. the quality of the food is just so good, I see no reason to cross the river to spend any expendable income I may have. Keep it home folks. If not, who's to blame when another business shuts it's doors. I ask everyone reading this to think twice before you go outside the box for dinner, or lunch --- or breakfast.
   Many of our restaurants are also capable of providing space for your private party. Plus, let's not forget Michael Cocca's, Franklin Plaza, and Franklin Terrace -- both great spots to host any type of occasion.
So I'm asking people to follow my lead, and make a commitment to your community by supporting your Troy businesses this holiday season. If you're planning on dining out once or twice before the holiday's, please make that choice to dine, at any of Troy's fine establishments. I, and my family will be doing just that..
Enjoy Troy!