Friday, December 14, 2012

Tears in Heaven:

   I drive my son Vito to school every morning. When I drop him off, the last thing I say to him is, "have a great day, learn something, and be safe."  My son came home today and right now is safe in his room playing XBox. For many parents in Connecticut, their children didn't come home today.
   The senseless tragedy, that was carried out by a spineless coward today, is exactly what any normal parent in today's world would consider their worse nightmare. The shooters hate was apparently so strong for his mother, that he chose to not only kill her, but to murder those children whom she was devoted to, as a way to get back at her, and to hurt her. You ask yourself why would anyone do something like this? Those poor babies didn't have a chance to run away, or the means to defend themselves. They won't get the chance to learn, play with their friends, or attend a prom. Their parents lives will never be the same. How does a parent cope with this type of grief, knowing their child was senselessly slaughtered for no reason.
   Over the next few days, we'll be bombarded with stories of what happened. Talk show shrinks will delve into the root cause of why this happened. And over the next few weeks the media frenzy will die down. But those parents who lost children will have nothing but an empty bedroom, memories, a lost future, and a hole in their hearts that will never heal. We should all say a prayer for them, then give your own child a hug, and thank God that they came home safe from school today.