Thursday, August 25, 2011

Nitro Jive Coming toTroy Night Out:

Nitro Jive will be giving a special Troy Night Out performance this week. Their performance originally scheduled for June 24, was rained out. All I can tell you is that if you enjoy a great swing band -- these guy's are the real deal. We're setting up a stage at Monument Square for this one. Showtime is at 7 pm. If you enjoy Latino music, beginning at 5, there will be a return performance by DJ Gabe Lozado. He'll be setting up in the parking lot next to the Arts Center on River St. If you don't enjoy either of these genre's of music, you can walk over to Barker Park  to hear the fantastic Jazz group,  the Lou Russo Quartet, from 6:30 - 8 p.m. Another great job by BID Director, Elizabeth Young. Join us for this end of the summer bash!

Cryin Out Loud Returns to Powers Park:

Cryin Out Loud, one of the finest horn bands in the Capital District returns to Powers Park this weekend. Lead singer Gregg Simmons is an amazing performer who has a knack of getting the kids attending his shows to be a part of the show. By involved I mean he gets the kids on stage with him, and lets them sing, dance, and just have a great time. Many performers are just so full of themselves, they tend to forget that it's not all about them -- but that they are there for the people who came out to hear them. The children who come to the concert series with their parents sometimes get bored. Not with Simmons around they don't. Gregg always makes sure that they are a big part of it. The band itself is just fantastic in my opinion, covering a very diverse set list. Being this is the final show of the regular season, I'm sure Mr. Simmons has a few tricks up his sleeve to make sure everyone in attendance, leaves the historic park with a big ol smile on their faces. Showtime is 6 p.m. Check with this blog on Saturday to make sure the show is on, being no one can say for sure when or if Hurricane Irene will be paying us a visit.
And please folks -- leave the dog at home or you may have to leave and bring your pet back home. Bring your dancing shoe's, party hat, and maybe an umbrella with you this week.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

More to Do In The 'Burgh This Weekend:

   After you enjoy the Stormfront show at Powers Park, make plans the following day to have an old time chicken dinner at the 55th Annual Rotary Club of Lansingburgh's, chicken barbecue. This is a 'take out only' event, which will happen right at the Boys & Girls Club, located at 113th St, on 4th Ave. The chicken dinner will be prepared by Brooks Famous BBQ, and will be served from 3-5 p.m.
Prices are:
Chicken Dinner -- Adults / $10     Children 12 & under / $5
Rib Dinner        --  Adults / $12     Children 12 & under / $7
Proceeds from this event will benefit the Boys & Girls Club & Community projects. Even if you can't attend, please consider making a donation to this worthwhile endeavour. For tickets, call the club at 235-4143, or just any member of the Lansingburgh Rotary Club.

Getting Into A New York State of Mind This Weekend:

   One of the biggest drawing cards ever at Powers Park will be returning this Saturday. Make plans to join us at the historic park for a performance by crowd favorite, Stormfront. Mike O'Brien does an amazing job of replicating the music of the famed, 'Piano Man'. If you close your eye's during one of his shows, you would swear you were listening to Billy Joel. His mannerisms, voice and fantastic stage presence bring to life all of Billy Joel's popular hits with accuracy, and precision. His band, Stormfront is rock solid in their delivery of some pretty intricate musical arrangements, and just rock the house with their stellar talent.
   Being I ask every week that concert goers leave their pooch at home, I'll try it again, NO DOGS ALLOWED. Cmon folks, Fido isn't going to get that lonely while you're gone. There's no beer allowed either folks --sorry. Bring your own lawn chair and get there early for a good spot as I expect one of the largest crowds of the season this week.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tonight's Show is a Go:

The weather seems to be cooperating with us this week, so it looks like tonight's Renee' Lussier & Branchwater show is on. Showtime is 6 p.m. Bring a lawnchair.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Favorite Returns to Powers Park:

My favorite area performer returns to the Neil Kelleher Stage at Powers Park this weekend. Renee' Lussier, who has pretty much grown up on Troy stages, returns, by extremely popular demand on Saturday night. I remember the first time I met this young lady when she was just 13 yrs old. Mature beyond her years, she took the stage with the North 40 Band at the first Uncle Sam Jam in 2006. As soon as the first note came out of her mouth, I just said, WOW!  Back then, you could see the talent, and poise she possessed on stage, along with the potential for bigger and better things, career wise.
Over the course of time, her talent has grown stronger, as has her on stage charisma and presence.
In the past 8 seasons at Powers Park, Renee has become a real fan favorite, and the only performer we've ever had that needed an autograph table set up for her fans.
Renee's show starts at 6 pm, so get there early for a good spot at the historic Lansingburgh park. Bring your own lawn chair please. Hope to see you all there on Saturday.

Rockin on the River Tonight:

Rockin on the River continues tonight with a performance by crowd favorite, Blues for Breakfast/ The group covers the Grateful Dead, and have a great following. They've been one of the most popular groups to grace the big stage at the concert series, since it's inception 4 years ago. Showtime is at 5:30, so come on down & ENJOY TROY!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Cheapest Gas in Town:

Everyone is struggling with the high gas prices we're paying these days. Fahim Kater of the Neighborhood Discount Grocery, located at 113th St. & 5th Ave. has lowered the price of Regular gas to $3.69. This price is only on for a few days, so get there, fill up and grab that 20 cent savings.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Update - Powers Park Al Bruno

It's 4pm... Weather isn't cooperating and things don't look that great at the moment.

However we are remaining optimistic that the show will go on as scheduled.

Please check back at 5pm for the latest update on this evenings show. At the moment we are still on schedule, weather permitting.

Stay tuned!

Tonight at Powers Park:

Tonight's performance by Al Bruno will go on.
Bring your own lawn chair -- and umbrella!
Showtime is 6 p.m.

Friday, August 5, 2011

The Return of Bruno:

Powers Park's favorite son, Al Bruno will return to the historic park for the 7th time this Saturday. Known as one of the most respected area entertainers, Al has been thrilling Capital District audiences for more than three decades. His dead on renditions of Neil Diamond, and other artist, takes the crowd to a different place, bringing back fond memories of days gone by. Showtime is 6 p.m. In the event of rain, call 279-7162 for up to date show, and cancellation info.

Uncle Sam Jam Coming:

Coming to Troy this September 3 -- beginning at 2 p.m. More on this later this month. Just wanted ot put the seed in your head!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Many Folks Enjoyed Troy This Past Week:

   Thousands of people came to Troy this past week. Thousands left Troy with a good feeling about this wonderful city of ours. Beginning on Wednesday evening at Rockin on the River, around 5,000 came and enjoyed Michael Jackson Tribute band, Who's Bad. This was, by far the best attended Rockin show ever, with the show being nothing short of spectacular! Friday nights, Troy Night Out was well attended, and included a Latino Dance Party on River St-  which was by the way, a great deal of fun. This feature brought more than 100 members of the Latino community, who danced the night away -- until the rain came that is.
   Saturday was just crazy at Powers Park, with the Refrigerators coming to the Historic park for the first time. The band was just fantastic, as was the crowd. More than 1,500 strong came and partied the night away at probably the best attended show ever at Powers. Sunday's first, Family Fun Day, at Carroll Hill School was also well attended, and quite a bit of fun. A musical performance by the wonderful teen girl group, Emeralds of July, along with Mike McCrae / Juggling Dangerously, and Magician Jeffrey Jene, provided the children with a full afternoon of fun and entertainment. The Troy PD did child safety seat checks, and provided some parents with new ones. The Troy FD was there giving tours of a firetruck to the children, along with educating them on safety procedures in their home. Overall, it was a great event for the people of the East side of Troy.
   It always thrills me to see great crowds coming to our city, and enjoying our city. I hope whoever the mayor is come Jan 1, that they will see what a benefit these events are to our city. Harry Tutunjian, whether you like him or not, has revitilized this city. Remember when there was nothing to do here -- I do, and do not want to see it happen again. Our Troy events brings THOUSANDS of people, who wouldn't normally come to Troy. It would be a real shame to see it all end with the momentum we have going now. Enjoy Troy people --- Enjoy Troy!