Thursday, August 18, 2011

Getting Into A New York State of Mind This Weekend:

   One of the biggest drawing cards ever at Powers Park will be returning this Saturday. Make plans to join us at the historic park for a performance by crowd favorite, Stormfront. Mike O'Brien does an amazing job of replicating the music of the famed, 'Piano Man'. If you close your eye's during one of his shows, you would swear you were listening to Billy Joel. His mannerisms, voice and fantastic stage presence bring to life all of Billy Joel's popular hits with accuracy, and precision. His band, Stormfront is rock solid in their delivery of some pretty intricate musical arrangements, and just rock the house with their stellar talent.
   Being I ask every week that concert goers leave their pooch at home, I'll try it again, NO DOGS ALLOWED. Cmon folks, Fido isn't going to get that lonely while you're gone. There's no beer allowed either folks --sorry. Bring your own lawn chair and get there early for a good spot as I expect one of the largest crowds of the season this week.

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