Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Favorite Returns to Powers Park:

My favorite area performer returns to the Neil Kelleher Stage at Powers Park this weekend. Renee' Lussier, who has pretty much grown up on Troy stages, returns, by extremely popular demand on Saturday night. I remember the first time I met this young lady when she was just 13 yrs old. Mature beyond her years, she took the stage with the North 40 Band at the first Uncle Sam Jam in 2006. As soon as the first note came out of her mouth, I just said, WOW!  Back then, you could see the talent, and poise she possessed on stage, along with the potential for bigger and better things, career wise.
Over the course of time, her talent has grown stronger, as has her on stage charisma and presence.
In the past 8 seasons at Powers Park, Renee has become a real fan favorite, and the only performer we've ever had that needed an autograph table set up for her fans.
Renee's show starts at 6 pm, so get there early for a good spot at the historic Lansingburgh park. Bring your own lawn chair please. Hope to see you all there on Saturday.

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