Monday, March 29, 2010

Earth Day Informational Meeting Tonight:

On Monday, March 29, beginning at 6:30 p.m., the city of Troy will be hosting an informational meeting for all who plan on participating in the annual city wide Earth Day cleanup. This years event will take place on April 24. Troy's Deputy Director of Public Information, Jeff Pirro & I will be coordinating the effort.

If you can't make it to the meeting, and plan on participating, feel free to contact Jeff at, I can be contacted at either,, or by calling, 279-7162.
Remember, Troy is your city too, so take some time on Earth Day to participate.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

HVARS Animal Stimulus Package:

The Hoosick Valley Animal Rescue Squad (HVARS) began their mission of love and compassion in February 2009. Their love of animals brought their members together , all with different passions for our four legged friends. They formed a group to try to bring emergent care services closer to the people in need. The program is designed to bridge the gap between the elderly and those in need of veterinarians and care givers of animals.

Whether it be a vet, an emergency visit, or a trip to the groomer, HVARS members realize that everyone is not capable of driving their beloved pet for care.
HVARS offers transport services at reasonably affordable prices, for continued health care of your pet, along with many other much needed animal emergency services. Call them at. 518 328-2287, or visit them at, for additional information.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Famous Lunch:

I don't have a clue as to what you could possibly compare Famous Lunch to. I first went to Famous with my father back in the early 60's. Apparently stuck in time, the decor has just never changed. But that's OK. Cause the prices haven't changed all that much either. The people who frequent the hot dog emporium on a day to day basis, are all quite the characters. You can get more laughs in there than you can from watching an HBO comedy special. Many of the faces have not changed too much over the years, that have just gotten a bit older.
At the Famous Lunch, you don't go in for the ambiance, that's for sure. What you do get is a very reasonable priced meal, the best dogs and sauce, plus the homemade rice pudding.

Scotty Vasilades has kept the tradition going at one of Troy's oldest running establishments. I remember as a kid watching Scott's, Uncle Nick balance the hot dogs on his arm. If they did that in today's world though, the health department would be closing in on them in minutes. Back then, we didn't care, and I never remember getting sick either. The point I'm trying to make here is that don't be fooled by the wrapping paper. Famous Lunch is one of the best deals in town. truly a Troy Treasure!

Friends Dinner Postscript:

Another Friends of 112th St. dinner has once again passed us by. But not without some memorable moments, many of which I cannot write about on this Blog. I always use the dinner to take the time to speak with old friends that I do not see very often, and avoid some of the one's that I see all too often!
The skits were hilarious, and the banter from the dais was brutal. Sen. Roy McDonald was the well deserved recipient of the Man of the Year award. When it was announced, I had to laugh because the room suddenly looked like the US Congress. Everyone gave Roy a standing ovation, except for those there on the opposite end of the political isle. Tom Fox received a map as an award -- a map to guide him home to be precise! Everyone gave Jim Lance a hard time. But he got up there and had the crowd rolling in laughter. But then, his Estrogen must have kicked in and he became much like Sally Struthers on an infomercial.
Poor Tucker Hulihan didn't know what to make of Lance's meltdown, and became even more confused than normal.
I was sad to see that Bob Mirch didn't make it up from Florida for this years event, due to the fact that he is teaching sensitivity classes somewhere near Alligator Alley in the sunshine state.
Overall it was a wonderful evening, and I wish I could repeat some of the remarks which came out of the mouths of Channel 10's, John McGloughlin, Talk1300's Paul Vandenburgh, and Neil Kelleher -- but if I did, I'd probably be barred from next years dinner.

Ted's Fish Fry:

You can always tell when we Catholics are celebrating Lent, by the over full parking lot at Ted's Fish Fry on 2nd Ave. Ted's has been in operation in the 'Burgh since the mid 1960's. Catholics flock to this established eatery, for some of the best fish fry around, every Friday during Lent.
I've been patronizing this establishment for more than 4 decades now, and can honestly say they are always consistent with their food. The amazing thing to me though, is the fact that their prices are still reasonable after all these years. The Deeb family has always treated their customers well, and with respect.
Whether you're a Catholic or not, stop up at Ted's, and you'll see what I mean.