Sunday, March 14, 2010

Friends Dinner Postscript:

Another Friends of 112th St. dinner has once again passed us by. But not without some memorable moments, many of which I cannot write about on this Blog. I always use the dinner to take the time to speak with old friends that I do not see very often, and avoid some of the one's that I see all too often!
The skits were hilarious, and the banter from the dais was brutal. Sen. Roy McDonald was the well deserved recipient of the Man of the Year award. When it was announced, I had to laugh because the room suddenly looked like the US Congress. Everyone gave Roy a standing ovation, except for those there on the opposite end of the political isle. Tom Fox received a map as an award -- a map to guide him home to be precise! Everyone gave Jim Lance a hard time. But he got up there and had the crowd rolling in laughter. But then, his Estrogen must have kicked in and he became much like Sally Struthers on an infomercial.
Poor Tucker Hulihan didn't know what to make of Lance's meltdown, and became even more confused than normal.
I was sad to see that Bob Mirch didn't make it up from Florida for this years event, due to the fact that he is teaching sensitivity classes somewhere near Alligator Alley in the sunshine state.
Overall it was a wonderful evening, and I wish I could repeat some of the remarks which came out of the mouths of Channel 10's, John McGloughlin, Talk1300's Paul Vandenburgh, and Neil Kelleher -- but if I did, I'd probably be barred from next years dinner.

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