Thursday, October 28, 2010

Help Me Mr. Wizard:

Nanny politics seem to be running rampant these days. The government is hell bent on strangling us with taxes and regulations, and now they want to tell us what's good for us and what to eat. The Trans-fat ban is a sad example of this. I know they are not good for you, but come on, who's life is it anyway? I admire the fight of Rachel Cocca Dott against Albany County's ban on the fat. The government has absolutely no right to do any of this. It is pure and simple, Socialism. -- which is in itself, Communism!
There seems to be a growing trend among politicians, to try to take away not just some, but ALL of our civil liberties. It's bad enough that they tax EVERYTHING, now they want to tell us what and how to eat. I say it's none of their damn business! They continue to pick our pockets, and then around election time tell us what a great job they're doing. Look at Obama's health care program. What gets me is that people who can afford, 'Cadillac', health care plans, will be taxed because of it. Break this down for a moment. You purchase your health care with money that you've gone out and worked for, and that money is taxed. Now the money that has already been taxed, will be taxed again with your purchase of health insurance. Makes no sense if you ask me.
But now with the door open, and nut cases like Mayor Bloomberg in New York City doing everything they can to control peoples lives, we've got to put an end to all of it. We need politicians once again who work for us. Many take the attitude that they know best. To hell with them I say. We need to make some wholesale changes with the people who were elected to do what's best for us. This current group who sit in office need to go. I hope people do what's necessary next Tuesday to help get us back on the right track.
The ban on Trans Fat is plain and simple -- Unconstitutional. Whats next, will they tell us that all toilet paper must be one ply to cut down on sewage build up? Or maybe they'll say we can only wear cotton clothing, because it will break down easier than rayon, or microfiber, once it's thrown away.. I know this seems absurd, but I think the government telling you what and how to eat is nothing but a Big Brother attemp to further control our lives. Someone should read the Constitution & Bill of Rights once in a while.

More Stupid Politician Tricks:

Now the big issue in our fine city is who can, or cannot post on Facebook. How stupid is this? Message to all -- go outside and get some fresh air and get away from the keyboards.
This is one of the reasons why Troy has become a laughing stock once again. Blocks being taken over by gangs, poverty, staggering unemployment, kids out of control -- but no -- we're worrying about who can post on Facebook.
Like I said, go out and get some fresh air!

Big Game For The Knights:

The Lansingburgh Knights will put their stellar season on the line Friday night, with a rematch against Bishop Maginn at home. It seems this team is always chuck full of talent. But with that talent comes the intangible -- heart. Part of that mentality comes from the players desire, the rest, comes from the fine coaching the team seems to have year after year.
Head coach, Al McNall is a bulldog, pure and simple. He is a no nonsense guy, who possesses natural motivational skills, and does a great job in getting his team up for the challenges presented to them on a week to week basis.
This team just seems to beat down their opponents will to win with their always explosive offense, and bone crushing, take no prisoners defense. My kudos, and best wishes go out to all the boys, and the fine coaching staff. Bring home the championship fellas -- our community is pulling for you.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Thoughts On City Hall:

For quite a while, I've been sitting back listening to all the nonsense going on regarding where city hall should be located. There's been many suggestions including the Proctors, Daisy Bakers, and the Monument Square location. I say, keep it where it is at the former Verizon building.
Having worked in the old city hall, I can tell you first hand that the place was a dump. The molds that have built up over the years are bordering on dangerous. I developed allergies for the first time in my life after working there for a while. Funny how those same allergies mysteriously went away after moving to the new site. When it rained excessively, employee's were sometimes treated to an extra shower in the elevator, along with being able to watch the water run down the walls of the 3rd floor. Then there was the adventure which was the now closed employee parking lot. It was always fun sprinting to the elevator to avoid the falling concrete, which always fell when there was an abundance of rain. Re-bar sticking out from the deteriorating concrete roof was always another source of concern.
Being I was involved in the concrete business for much of my life, I can tell you that the vertical cracks in the foundation pose a very serious safety concern. I remember watching the building being built with my father (who was in the concrete business his entire life) back in the early 70's, and he told me that, "This building will never last. They're using the cheapest concrete they can, and it will never cure properly next to the river. It will start to fall apart within 20 years." My dad knew his concrete, and boy was he correct!
What I've described is just the tip of the iceberg of what was wrong with that building, but it is only my personal opinion after spending 6 years working there. I know many other employee's who feel the same way. What really kills me though, is that some of the same people who used to complain that city hall was an, architectural nightmare that did not conform to the existing buildings in the immediate area, are some of the same hypocrite's who are calling to move back to that disaster waiting to happen.
Leave city hall where it is.