Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Thoughts On City Hall:

For quite a while, I've been sitting back listening to all the nonsense going on regarding where city hall should be located. There's been many suggestions including the Proctors, Daisy Bakers, and the Monument Square location. I say, keep it where it is at the former Verizon building.
Having worked in the old city hall, I can tell you first hand that the place was a dump. The molds that have built up over the years are bordering on dangerous. I developed allergies for the first time in my life after working there for a while. Funny how those same allergies mysteriously went away after moving to the new site. When it rained excessively, employee's were sometimes treated to an extra shower in the elevator, along with being able to watch the water run down the walls of the 3rd floor. Then there was the adventure which was the now closed employee parking lot. It was always fun sprinting to the elevator to avoid the falling concrete, which always fell when there was an abundance of rain. Re-bar sticking out from the deteriorating concrete roof was always another source of concern.
Being I was involved in the concrete business for much of my life, I can tell you that the vertical cracks in the foundation pose a very serious safety concern. I remember watching the building being built with my father (who was in the concrete business his entire life) back in the early 70's, and he told me that, "This building will never last. They're using the cheapest concrete they can, and it will never cure properly next to the river. It will start to fall apart within 20 years." My dad knew his concrete, and boy was he correct!
What I've described is just the tip of the iceberg of what was wrong with that building, but it is only my personal opinion after spending 6 years working there. I know many other employee's who feel the same way. What really kills me though, is that some of the same people who used to complain that city hall was an, architectural nightmare that did not conform to the existing buildings in the immediate area, are some of the same hypocrite's who are calling to move back to that disaster waiting to happen.
Leave city hall where it is.

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