Monday, August 1, 2011

Many Folks Enjoyed Troy This Past Week:

   Thousands of people came to Troy this past week. Thousands left Troy with a good feeling about this wonderful city of ours. Beginning on Wednesday evening at Rockin on the River, around 5,000 came and enjoyed Michael Jackson Tribute band, Who's Bad. This was, by far the best attended Rockin show ever, with the show being nothing short of spectacular! Friday nights, Troy Night Out was well attended, and included a Latino Dance Party on River St-  which was by the way, a great deal of fun. This feature brought more than 100 members of the Latino community, who danced the night away -- until the rain came that is.
   Saturday was just crazy at Powers Park, with the Refrigerators coming to the Historic park for the first time. The band was just fantastic, as was the crowd. More than 1,500 strong came and partied the night away at probably the best attended show ever at Powers. Sunday's first, Family Fun Day, at Carroll Hill School was also well attended, and quite a bit of fun. A musical performance by the wonderful teen girl group, Emeralds of July, along with Mike McCrae / Juggling Dangerously, and Magician Jeffrey Jene, provided the children with a full afternoon of fun and entertainment. The Troy PD did child safety seat checks, and provided some parents with new ones. The Troy FD was there giving tours of a firetruck to the children, along with educating them on safety procedures in their home. Overall, it was a great event for the people of the East side of Troy.
   It always thrills me to see great crowds coming to our city, and enjoying our city. I hope whoever the mayor is come Jan 1, that they will see what a benefit these events are to our city. Harry Tutunjian, whether you like him or not, has revitilized this city. Remember when there was nothing to do here -- I do, and do not want to see it happen again. Our Troy events brings THOUSANDS of people, who wouldn't normally come to Troy. It would be a real shame to see it all end with the momentum we have going now. Enjoy Troy people --- Enjoy Troy!

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