Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cryin Out Loud Returns to Powers Park:

Cryin Out Loud, one of the finest horn bands in the Capital District returns to Powers Park this weekend. Lead singer Gregg Simmons is an amazing performer who has a knack of getting the kids attending his shows to be a part of the show. By involved I mean he gets the kids on stage with him, and lets them sing, dance, and just have a great time. Many performers are just so full of themselves, they tend to forget that it's not all about them -- but that they are there for the people who came out to hear them. The children who come to the concert series with their parents sometimes get bored. Not with Simmons around they don't. Gregg always makes sure that they are a big part of it. The band itself is just fantastic in my opinion, covering a very diverse set list. Being this is the final show of the regular season, I'm sure Mr. Simmons has a few tricks up his sleeve to make sure everyone in attendance, leaves the historic park with a big ol smile on their faces. Showtime is 6 p.m. Check with this blog on Saturday to make sure the show is on, being no one can say for sure when or if Hurricane Irene will be paying us a visit.
And please folks -- leave the dog at home or you may have to leave and bring your pet back home. Bring your dancing shoe's, party hat, and maybe an umbrella with you this week.

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