Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What the Guys in Parks & Recreation are Thankful For This Year:

   Sometimes we tend to forget what is important during the holiday season. Everyone gets so worked up over what they need to buy, and where to buy it. Sometimes, we need to reflect on what really is important, and what truly makes us happy. I know what I'm thankful for this year. But I was curious as to what my co-workers in the City of Troy's Department of Parks & Recreation are thankful for. Here's what they said:
Vinny - "I'm thankful for having a job in this economy."
Fudd -- "I'm thankful that we have 'Super Hero's to keep us safe."
Sean -- " I'm thankful for having a beautiful , healthy baby girl, and a wife who puts up with me."
Jim -- " I'm thankful for my health,  family, and having a steady job."
Christian - "Friends, family & the opportunity to get a good education."
George -- "I'm thankful that the Dodgers hired Don Mattingly" -- and for Vito".
More to come tomorrow.

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