Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Who Do You Call On The Internet?

In today's print edition of this newspaper, readers opened the first page to see the 'Five Questions' victim of the day was Linda Meissner, of Meissner Travel. When asked about purchasing a vacation on the Internet, she asked the question; Who do you call if there's a problem with your travel plans while on your vacation? Two years ago while on a trip to Disney with my family, the meal plan we purchased as part of our trip wasn't in Disney's computers. I called Meissner Travel, who I booked the trip with, and within 30 minutes of my call, I was eating for free. Plus, the deal I received through the agency was actually cheaper than any Internet deal that I looked into.
Supporting your local businesses is essential to Troy's future. Before you purchase your next trip over the internet, call one your Troy travel agents first. Make this your Travel Stimulus Package!

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