Saturday, July 25, 2009

Marcie Haskell:

Marcie Haskell passed away yesterday. If you were involved, or are active with a neighborhood group,this woman should be praised, as her group, Trojans For Troy, really started it all. Marcie's activism was sincere and true, with sometimes a comical element added to get her point across.
One thing that she did about around the turn of this century always sticks out in my mind. You may remember when 'term limits' were a hotbed issue around 8 years ago. Politicians were attempting to overturn this law, which was put in place by the voters a decade before. Marcie, Marcia Pascarella, Fran Pomiber, and Janet Roberts, all members of the Trojan group, wore 'pig noses, and clown wigs to a public hearing on the issue. I still have that page from The Record in a scrapbook. Marcie never cared what party you were in, her concern was what was best for the citizens of Troy. She lit into both Democrats and Republicans, both publicly, and privately.
Marci and I had our differences over the years, but I'm happy that our last few conversations were positive ones. Being she attended probably more city council meeting, and public hearings then anyone in the history of this city, I hope in the new city hall, they dedicate one seat up front at the new council chambers to her memory. Opportunist politicians who are reading this, feel free to steal my idea!

Now I don't know how Marcie is going to handle Heaven with no slum lords, vacant buildings, or political shenanigans to yell about. And if Marcie is reading The Record online up there in the clouds, my message to her is, relax Marcie - you've earned it!

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