Saturday, August 7, 2010

Tonight at Powers Park:

Get your dancing shoes on for tonight's show at Powers Park. The super energized school teacher group, Four, makes it's way to the Neil Kelleher Stage at the Historic park for the first time -- at least in this form. You see, a couple of these excellent musicians used to be with one of the bands who helped put the popular concert series over the top in the early years, Vehicle. They were an 8 piece, horn fueled powerhouse of sound, who drew HUGE crowds to their show, due to the fact that they were a great band, and had two of their members who taught at Lansingburgh schools. With this four piece ensemble, three of their members teach in the North end school district.

Their incredible front man/ singer, Alejandro Williams - AKA Jack the Poet - is like an nuclear energy source when gets on stage. He's one of the best I've ever seen in this area in my 40 years around the local music scene. Most of the group are St. Rose graduates -- all are amazing musicians. If you would like to see them in action, visit YouTube, and go to, Troy NY Events. There's a couple of video's of them at Revolution Hall (RIP). Seeing them live tonight will be even better though!

So take a Troycation tonight, drive up to 110th & Second Ave., and join us for the show. Tonight's 50/50 raffle will benefit both the Troy, and Lansingburgh Boy's & Girls Club. Bring a lawn chair and leave the dog at home please. Showtime is 6 p.m. Food and non alcoholic beverages are available at the show. A Face Painter is also there for the kiddies.

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