Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Turkey, Turkey Trot & the Hottest Party Night of the Year:

   The Thanksgiving holiday has always been one of my favorites. The three major components of this feeling has to do with the letter F --Family, food, & football. But beside the obvious attractions of the holiday, there is also a TT & an M involved in the mix.  The annual Troy Turkey Trot begins on the holiday morning, downtown. Runners from all over the country take part in one of the USA's oldest road races, held right here in the Home of Uncle Sam. There is also a strong musical component added to the mix. For some reason, Thanksgiving Eve has become the biggest party night of the year.
   Here in Troy, there will be plenty to do that night. The Ruck, located on 3rd St. will feature one of the best local bands around, Super 400. Members,  Kenny Hohman, Lori Friday, & Joe Daley have traveled worldwide, waving the Troy banner proudly.   They are throwback band of great musicians, who always put on a rockin show.  Another HUGE show that night will take place at Revolution Hall. Emerald City, maybe one of the greatest rock bands to ever grace the local stages, come to the fabled music mecca, for their final show of 2011. The groups original members, Gary Brooks, Gary Tash, Rick Rourke, Ed Powers, Dave Costa, Gary Sagendorf, & Joe Mele, reunited after 30 years apart, and have not looked back. They have played every major Troy event this season (Troy Pig Out, Uncle Sam Jam, & Rockin on the River), and have gained a legion of new fans along the way. Their 4 part harmonies are unmatched by any local group, and their song list is like a classic rock jukebox. With three master guitarist leading the way, this will prove to be the best show of 2011. Sly Fox & the Hustlers will open, featuring the regional hit, SUNY Girl, from their latest CD --The Low-Life. Tickets are available at the door, which opens at 7 pm.
   There will be music all over the city for you to choose from. It doesn't matter where you go, just come &, ENJOY TROY -- as I'll be doing!

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