Monday, July 2, 2012

499 Second Ave Lives Another Day:

   I decided to check out the 1760 Manor Inn this weekend, and let me tell you -- the food was just GREAT. Located at 499 2nd Ave. , the most recent reincarnation of this Historic Lansingburgh eatery, is a homerun in anyone's book. As it was as the Olde Daley Inn, 499 House, Mahoney's, MJ's on the Avenue, and Rennihans, this 17th century structure, still has all the charm, & class that I remember from years gone by.
   Having a hankering for a big slab of beef, I made my way down for a meal --and what a great meal it was. I ordered the 20oz cut of Prime Rib, and it came out cooked to perfection, as well as being a good quality cut of meat. The sides were fresh, with the presentation screaming, 'quality meal here Vito'! The bill for two (2 prime rib dinners, sides, and a couple of beers, came to $49. Wow!
   My waitress, Nicole, was first rate also. I hate when you're trying to eat and the waitress comes over every 30 seconds to see if your meal is acceptable, and expects an answer when your trying to chew. None of that at the 1760. She stayed on top of things while waiting on all the downstairs tables, and I never wanted for nothing. My compliments to the owners for hiring this first rate server.
   1760 still has that classic charm, and class I remember from my first visit there, more than 40 years ago (Olde Daley Inn back then). I would highly recommend this eatery for celebrating any type of occasion you may have. Or, just for an inexpensive night out. Other reviewers give stars to rate restuarants. But me, I'll give the 1760 Manor Inn, a 5 meatball rating! Try it, you won't be dissappointed.

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