Thursday, August 2, 2012

Emerald City Returns to Powers Park:

   Join us Saturday night for a performance by the Capital District's most iconic classic rock group, Emerald City. The group reunited in 2011, after breaking up 30 years ago. Upon their return to the local stages, they performed at the Troy Pig Out, and headlined the Uncle Sam Jam to rave reviews.
   Most of the original lineup is back, including the triple guitar threat of Joe Mele, Gary Tash, & Dave Costa -- all master guitarist, unmatched by anyone. Gary Brooks holds down the keyboard duties, with Gary Tash doubling on keys for select songs. 4 part harmonies are handled to perfection by saxman supreme,  Rick Roarke, Brooks, Tash, and bassist Ed Powers. Newcomer to the group, Chris Garebedian (formally of Sweet Silence, and Back Bay Brew), takes on the percussion duties with style & grace.
   In this writers opinion, this is, by far, the best rock n roll band I've ever seen in this area -- bar none! The group covers songs that many bands wouldn't even think of trying. And they do it with a flair, and precision that is unmatched by anyone.
   Powers Park Concerts is presented by Mayor Lou Rosamelia & the City of Troy, along with health care provider WELLCARE. It is supported in part by Whitney Young Health Center/Troy, Beverage Barn, Northeast Shuttle, Snowman Ice Cream, Lansing Laundry/Gamers LLC, Tri City Valley Cats, Barrett Blacktopping, and the Friends of 112th St. Media sponsorship is provided by the Record, and WVCR, 88.3fm, The Saint.
   Showtime is from 6 to 8:30pm, with a NO DOG policy in effect. Food & beverages are available at each show. Please bring your own lawnchair.

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  1. best band in the capitol region/why u make them end so early. ever think about a CD of all the concerts held in troy .sell it for charity.