Friday, August 2, 2013

Extreme Funk Down At Powers:

   I've been trying to book this band for the past three years. But they are just so darn busy, we couldn't get together on a date. 
   Like our local Refrigerators, this group has a similar reputation as the hottest party band in the NY Metro area. Check out their website or Facebook page for bio's, and general band info. Comprised of quite a few Berklee School of Music grads, this group is just so damned good. Tight musical arrangements, covers, original music, and the Wall St. Horn's --Wow! This is a don't miss show. 
   I've been Blogging quite a bit lately, and have a show at Prospect Park tonight, so I'll let you do the research on this amazing group of musical talent. Showtime on Saturday is at 6:00 p.m. There are no pets of any kind (except service dogs), allowed at the concerts.
   We'll be raising money for the 9/11 Memorial Committee this week, so bring your appetites, and a lawn chair for a great night of music with NY Funk Exchange --direct from Manhattan  -which you can no longer buy for $24 & some beads!
   Many thanks to our media sponsors, The Record, and WVCR, 88.3, The Saint for all the fantastic advertising this season.


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