Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Permanent Solution To A Temporary Problem:

   Suicide isn't the easiest thing to write about. Especially when you've seen the impact it makes on the lives of a family. It's even worse when that family is near and dear to you personally. One of my oldest friends on this planet, Joe Mele, lost his son Dustin to the disease just over a year ago.    Watching how it has effected his life in general, along with his health, is just so tough to see happen to someone you care about. Suicide is a permanent solution to temporary problem. Their suffering is gone, but the family must live on with the ever present pain. 
Back in December, after we watched an incredible performance by the Rascals, Joe told me that he felt he needed to do something to help others avoid the pain that follows a tragedy like this, that he and his family were living with. Being Joe & I have staged multiple fundraisers for those in need over the years, my response was, "let's do it then".
   As we normally do, Joe & I just ran with the idea, receiving unbelievable support from our friends in the local music scene. This Sunday at Revolution Hall, we're dedicating the day to Dustin's memory, hoping to get the message across to those living on the edge, that there is a way out. We've partnered with the 'American Foundation for Suicide Prevention', to put on what will be one of the finest collections of local musical talent ever in the Capital District on one stage.
   Many of the performing musicians, have gotten together over the past few weeks for rehearsals on their own time, so we can make this not just a huge jam session --but a real, first class musical production. The outpouring of support from publications like Metroland, the Record, and Internet music site, Nippertown, has been overwhelming to say the least. WVCR, Clear Channel, and WTRY have been filling the airwaves with talk, and announcements of the event. Esteemed rock writer/biographer Don Wilcock, as always has stepped up to the plate, spinning the event as only he can.
   After the event, we'll be properly thanking each and every musician involved, as well as all the folks who have put their time and effort into making this idea a reality. Carrie Harkin of Browns Brewing Co, as always, has been there for Joe & I in planning the event. The folks at Browns have a heart as big as the moon in my opinion.
   So join us this Sunday, beginning at 3 p.m., for one of the biggest rock shows, with some of the biggest names in local music that you'll ever see in this area. Suggested donation is $10, but if you would like to donate a bit more, nobody will complain. All money collected will directly benefit the local branch of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. There will also be a giant raffle being held, with some great prizes to be had. 
   If this event can spare just one family the agonizing pain I've seen this family go through --all the work & planning that's been put into this, will be well worth it. Hope to see you all there.


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