Tuesday, June 30, 2009

BelWo Inc. "Give a Web a Way" Contest:

Sometimes you see a business open up blowing smoke saying, "we want to give something back to the community." To see a company actually backing up those words in many cases, is a rare occurrence. BelWo Inc., a small but successful firm located in the incubator building on the RPI campus, is looking to make their offer claim true.
The team at BelWo believes that the key to building a business is by building relationships. For Belwo, it is particularly about building creative and innovative websites from which to develop and grow these relationships. With the economy as it stands now, their belief applies more than ever. BelWo understands that having a face on ones business impacts its ability to succeed. That is why BelWo has decided to pay it forward with a "Give a Web a Way" contest. The firm will be giving away a free, newly designed and customized website, plus a year of complimentary hosting and maintenance to the winner of the contest. Their hope is to give someones dream business, idea or charity a way to grow, and in return their idea will continue to pay forward.

Prospective contestants can submit their information online by visiting, www.belwo.com -- where you can view the complete rules, and receive additional information on the contest. Entries for the give a way should be submitted before August 15. The winner will be announced on Labor Day.

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