Monday, April 5, 2010

Hail To The Chief:

Chief Nick Kaiser retired from the Troy PD last month after 35 years on the force. He was a good cop, smart detective, and a fine leader of our police force. Nick attended Better 'Burgh Club meetings, and listened to people's concerns and fears. He paid attention, and did what he could to make things better. His compassion for people was admirable, and dedication to the community where he lived, was greatly appreciated by all.

The chief enjoyed riding his Harley, and was a fine musician who once opened a show at SPAC. I always enjoyed speaking with him about any topic, although we would always wind up talking music, or problems around the 'Burgh. We had our differences over issues throughout his years as chief, but I like to think there was always a mutual respect between us. I sincerely wish him well in his upcoming, sun baked golden years. Hail Kaiser!

Mayor Tutunjian has got a very big decision to make in the near future picking Chief Kaiser's replacement. All three candidates, John Tedesco, Tony Magnetto, and Buddy McAvoy, who placed the highest scores on the most recent Civil Service test for the position, are all long time Troy police officers with exemplary records. All are fine men, and strong leaders.

Assistant Chief Tedesco is currently heading up the force, and I wish him the best of luck with his new position. He was the guru of many community groups when he headed up Troy's Community Policing unit a decade ago, and was always very accessible to our groups. He did a great deal to help many of our neighborhood associations prosper, flourish, and always rectified any problem our groups encountered. Good luck to the acting chief!

The mayor can't make a bad decision from this group of candidates. From any community activist, or citizen standpoint, that can only mean good things for our future.

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