Monday, April 19, 2010

The Sky is Falling -- No It's Not:

Last Wednesday I received phone calls from some very upset residents of the 'Burgh. It seems Councilman Kevin McGrath announced to the crowd at the North Lansingburgh Neighborhood Group monthly meeting, that Community Policing would be a dead duck if acting police chief John Tedesco was appointed to the position full time. Nothing my friends could be further from the truth.
Having worked with John, when he was in charge of the community police, I knew his dedication and belief in the unit, would not let this happen. He will be in fact, appointed to the position any day now. I took the opportunity a few days ago to get together with the new chief to see what was up.
John told me point blank that this particular rumor was nothing but that -- a rumor. Community policing is as strong as ever, and will continue to grow and flourish under the new chief. Just go to any neighborhood meeting, and you'll find a community police officer there, helping eliminate any problem that may be brought up by concerned residents

As a community activist, I worked very closely with him and that department more than a decade ago. With his help and guidance, my Better 'Burgh Club was honored with the NY State Attorney Generals Award of Excellence in 2003. No one was a stronger advocate than John regarding the policing unit. He assured me, that it will continue to be an active force within our neighborhoods. Knowing John since we both attended St. Mary's school in the 60's, and based on my working very closely with him over the years on a multitude of issues,,I have no reason not to believe him.

So if someone tells you that Community Policing under the new chief is done, please just refer them to this Blog. The sky is not falling.

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