Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Dinner With Rob Gregor:

   A few years ago there was a candidate for Troy City Council named Rob Gregor. Now even though we were on completely different sides of the political isle,  we became fast friends. After his council run, Rob became Co-Chairman of the Troy City Democratic party. He had some very fresh and exciting idea's, and had the ability to put politics aside, in order to just get the job done -- a concept that seems to be on the wrong side of extinction.
   Now Rob is a very bright guy, and he all of a sudden decided he wanted to get a law degree, and begin a practice. After graduation, he went to work for the US Attorneys Office in Manhattan. Now Rob already had a degree in Hotel Management, and one day decided he would like to go to work in this field. So he packed up his things and bought a beautiful hotel in Kingfield Maine  - the Herbert Grand, which he's operated with his lovely bride over the past 3 years.
   He gave me a call a couple of weeks ago to tell me he was going to be in town, and we wound up getting together and having dinner at Dinosuar. Rob told me he was in the process of closing on a hotel in Lake George, with the intent of purchasing a few more at the Summer vacation mecca.
I'm thrilled that my friend is doing so well for himself, and I'm extremely happy that he's found a beautiful wife to share the journey with him. I was so happy, I let him buy dinner that night also!
   I really wish he was still involved with Troy politics though. Rob was an open minded type of politico, who was interested in only the bottom line -- helping the residents of Troy. He was, and is a bi-partisan type who's only concern was doing the right thing for the people. To bad he's moved on -- he would have been a great candidate for this years mayors race. Some of the jokers we have around here in political office, and who have thrown  their names into the hat for the mayors race, always tell you what a great job they're doing, and how transparent they are going to be. But it's nonsense & hot air in most cases. Just look at the ongoing Voter Fraud debacle. How in God's name can any person who's involved with that despicable case, even think about putting their name out there to lead our city?  I hope people see through the smoke screen. It's just ridiculous.
   Rob asked me to send his best to all of his friends here. He misses Troy, and was the kind of guy that you hate to see leave.I wish my friend well with his new endeavour, and I'm sure I'll be seeing much more of him this coming summer season. I'll have more on Rob's new business venture in the near future.

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