Tuesday, February 15, 2011

You've Got To Have Friends -- Of 112th St. That Is:

The 34th Annual Friends of 112th St. Dinner & Political Roast will be held on Saturday, February 26, at St. Augustines Hall -- 4th Ave &; 114th St. Tickets are $35. Visit, www,friendsof112thst.com for info on how to purchase tickets. With all the shenanigans going on in Troy politics these days, you can expect more than a few feathers to get ruffled that night. It's sort of like the Friars Roast, only a lot worse.
For more information, you'll have to read my Troy's Treasures column this Sunday, February 20th, only in this newspaper. If you've never gone, I suggest you grab a ticket, sit back, and watch the steam come from the targets heads.

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