Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sunday Fundraiser:

   Imagine leaving your home, thinking it's going to be a normal day. Then you get a call telling you that your home is on fire. Your possessions, family photo's, and a lifetime of memories, gone in a flash. Well, that's what longtime Lansingburgh community members Don & Terry O 'Brien recently experienced.
   A fundraiser will be held to help them out in their time of need this Sunday, November 11, at the Troy Boat Club (731 First Ave), beginning at 2pm. Don't worry about missing your Sunday football, as all the games will be on at the club. Plenty of food will be available, as well as a full afternoon of entertainment, and raffles.
   Donating their time for the event will be performers, Brian Kane, Paul Stockowitz & Harmonic Duo, along with Maurizio Russomanno. Sound tech services will be supplied by Rocco Mazzarello of Adirondack Sound Systems. Cost of the event is $20 at the door. Also many of our local businesses have donated goods, and gift certificates for this event
   Don & Terry have lived in the 'Burgh forever, and have invested in the community not just as homeowners, but also as proprietors of O'Briens Public House on 5th Ave. They've put their sweat equity into the 'Burgh, and it's only right to give back to them and their family. So please take the time on Sunday to join us in supporting them in their time of need. If you would like to donate any items for the raffle, e-mail me at, Check out our Facebook page also. Hope to see you all there!

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