Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Welcome to the Neighborhood Mr. Formal Wear:

   Attention Mark Wojcik, your powder blue tuxedo is ready! Mr. Formal Wear has opened it's doors at 360 5th Ave. In case you don't know, it's where Northeast Shuttle operates, and where I used to hold our Better 'Burgh Club meetings. 
   Owner, Justin Wilcox apparently has a big heart, and wants to do something for the community. He realizes that not everyone can afford to rent a tux for their big prom date, so he's opening up his heart by offering a free tux to 2 students, who wouldn't otherwise be able to afford one. Now prom night is a big deal in a teens life, and Justin feels that no student should miss this life experience because of  finances --or lack of. As a new business owner, he wishes he could do more, but to me, giving 2 at need teens this opportunity is a pretty big gesture on his part. As anyone who is in business knows, money is tight --especially when you're just getting it off the ground. But Justin wanted to do something for the neighborhood, which I know will support him in a big way in the long term.
   The risk with doing something like this, is there's always someone looking to get something for nothing --even if they can afford the price of a rental. In the past, I've seen families go from place to place for free Christmas gifts, driving a new SUV, and talking on an I-phone.  So I'm asking all of you, to let Justin know, if there's someone TRULY in need, who could use this offer. No kid should have to miss a memorable experience like their prom. Give Justin a call at 235-5511 to get the ball rolling. Or e-mail him at, justin@mrformalwear.com
   So if your planning a wedding, or any special occasion that requires a Tux, keep your business local, and give our latest entry into the Lansingburgh business community a try. Remember folks, your dollars help keep our neighborhood healthy and vibrant, and empty storefronts are a recipe for trouble.
   Welcome to the neighborhood Mr. Formal Wear!

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