Thursday, February 21, 2013

Have You Seen This Woman?

   It's a story we hear all to often these days. A young woman or man leaves their home, usually talking or texting, on their way to enjoy their evening with friends, or whoever. Time passes, and they don't return - for whatever reason. 
   You've probably seen this on the news, or read it in the Record over the past few days. I happened to notice it on Facebook yesterday, on Mickey Durivage's page. Mick grew up in Waterford  and put out an appeal with his Friends, to share the missing poster with their Friends on the social network. So I'm posting it here, with the hope that someone who reads my blog ramblings might have seen this young lady, and can offer some help to the police, and her family. 
   I don't know Anna or her family, but as a human being and parent, I can only imagine the pain of uncertainty her family and friends are going through. Please take the time to Share this with your Friends on Facebook, and with e-mails.
We can only hope and pray for the best outcome.

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