Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Welcome to Community Thoughts

I'd like to welcome everyone to Community Thoughts. We'll be chatting about what's happening in the neighborhood's around Troy. This will be a positive Blog, with hopefully, no banter regarding Troy politics. I'll leave reporting and discussing the blood sport that is Troy politics to Franco and Caprood.

If you have anything at all coming up in your community, contact me at,
I'll be happy to post your events, or discuss any issue which is effecting your community in a positive manner. I'm thrilled the Record has asked me to join their Blog Team., and I hope you'll enjoy what I have to offer up. This will be a people page, talking about what you the citizens who make up our wonderful city, are doing, saying, and making happen.

A bit about me now. I've lived in Lansingburgh with my family for 18 years, and have been a community advocate and organizer for the past decade. My ramblings have appearing in the Record for 7 years in the form of a Troy Treasures column. I previously was a reporter with Empire News Exchange for 5 years. I've lived in Troy for 49 of my 52 years on this Earth, and have a passion for the city.

I hope you enjoy what I'll offer up, and I'll ask that we keep the discussion positive and productive.

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