Saturday, April 18, 2009

Troy Restaurant Stimulus Package:

With the nations economy tanking, many small businesses are in serious financial distress these days. Many are closing, leaving vacant storefronts throughout our city's. We as residents of Troy can help to try and stop the bleeding. This is a task that can be accomplished, one neighborhood at a time.
I'm proposing a Troy Restaurant Stimulus Package. If everyone of you the next 4 times that you dine out patronize a Troy establishment, then maybe we can help keep our fine lineup of eateries alive and well. Our neighborhoods and the downtown business district are loaded with some of the best food around, all at family friendly prices. From Italian, to Chinese and traditional American cuisine, Troy has it all.
Take Lansingburgh for instance, when I'm not cooking my own Italian food, my family can choose from Testo's, or Verdile's. Want seafood, Trader Ed's is the ticket. Traditional Americana is covered well by both Pip's and MJ's.
The breakfast crowd has a choice of Sue's on 2nd Ave, or Grahams Lansingburgh Cafe. Want a fish fry, try Ted's, or OB's. And plus, there's pizza a-plenty with Jimmy's, Anthony's, Tasty, Pizza Hut, and Liberty Pizza. Outside the box, you can try Badass Burrito, or Delectabulls Delicatessen.
Everytime you take your dollars over the river, you cause yourself to lose money. Sending your tax revenue away from Rensselaer County only hurts you and your family in the longrun. If we, as residents of Troy can better support are restaurants during these tough times, then maybe doing this together we can prevent a vacant storefront on the block where you live. So the next 4 times you go out to eat, keep your dollars closer to home. Support your Troy eateries!

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  1. Can we get a list of Troy's restaurant's with their address, special and times that they are open. It would be a great guide to go by.