Monday, June 28, 2010

Korean War Not Forgotten:

The month of June marked the 60th anniversary of the outbreak of the Korean War, a three-year conflict that claimed a million lives, 36,000 of them American. Dubbed, "The Forgotten War" - many military historians focus more on the Civil War, WW II, and Viet Nam. But Korea had one battle which will never be forgotten: The Chosin Reservoir Campaign.

In the winter of 1950. the 12,000 Marines and 3,000 Soldiers of the 1st Marine Division were surrounded by 120,000 Chinese soldiers at the Chosin Reservoir. Trapped 78 miles behind enemy lines and being battered by sub-zero temperatures, the American troops fought their way out, taking their dead and wounded with them.
As the soldiers reached the coastline, 98,000 desperate civilians followed them in a frantic attempt to escape the Communist rule in North Korea. Our brave Marines, soldiers and sailors volunteered to stay for three more days, under fire, until all of the refugees were loaded onto ships and brought safely to South Korea.
A total of 17 Medals of Honor, 73 Navy Crosses, and 23 Distinguished Service Crosses were awarded for the heroic actions of the American soldiers. Chosin became one of the most decorated battles in American history.

There's not many of these American hero's left. Many still carry the memories, and the horrors of war. You see them at parades, and at war memorials, still proudly wearing their uniforms. If you see one of them, tip your cap to these brave men, and thank them for their service to our country. God Bless America!

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  1. These men weren't cheered or spat on when they returned home from living the horrors of war; They were forgotten. Just like the the war itself. It's important not to forget the life-long sacrifices these veterans made. Thanks for reminding us Vito.