Monday, June 7, 2010

Really Stupid Politician Tricks:

Sometimes you see politicians doing some very moronic things. Then there are times when they just seem to push the envelope of stupidity even further.
In case you haven't heard, a couple of NY State assemblymen are proposing a new law, which may be, in my opinion, a death sentence for police officers in New York.
Assembly Bill, A02952, which reads in part, "A police officer or peace officer...uses such force with the intent to stop, rather than kill...and uses only the minimal amount of force necessary to effect such stop." What? I can see it now, an officer in pursuit of an armed suspect who has just committed a felony, gets the drop on the suspect and says, "stop or I'll shoot you in the fleshy part of your arm!"
The current law in place, state Penal Law, S 35.15(2)(a)(ii), reads, "A person may not use deadly physical force upon another person...unless:he or she is... a police officer or peace officer or a person assisting a police or peace officer at the latter's direction."

If you follow state politics you may remember that when Gov. Patterson was a member of the state senate, he tried for 6 years to get a similar bill passed. Well, it was a bad idea then, as it's a bad idea now. What's next, taking away a police officers gun and replacing it with a sling shot? The bill would force officers to use their weapons with the intent to stop, rather than kill a suspect. They would be mandated to shoot a suspect in the arm or leg. Cops are taught to shoot at the center of their target and fire their weapon until the threat has been stopped.
You can reasonably assume that a police officer in the line of fire would have to make a full assessment of a dangerous situation in a fraction of a second. Why should that officer have to worry about where he shoots the suspect? The criminal is probably not worrying where he shoots the cop, if he has a family, or how his children will be effected by their fathers death.
He's shooting at the cop to KILL him -- not just to wound him. With the fire power available to some of these low life's, as far as I'm concerned, give the police officers a bazooka a few hand grenades to lob at them. Their rights go right out the window once they start opening fire on the cops and law abiding public.

I've seen what the Troy PD is up against on the streets of our city. I've seen suspects spit on cops, take a swing at an officer, and lead them on crazy chases which endanger the citizens of our city. Some of these animals have no regard for human life. Letting this moronic bill even go to the Assembly floor for a vote is like placing a death sentence on any man or woman who is brave enough to wear the uniform. Take the time and write a letter of protest to the Assembly members behind the nonsense, Annette Robinson (D-Bedford Stuyvesant), and Darryl Towns (D- East New York), and let them know that you, as a taxpaying citizen, do not want to see the brave men and women who protect us, die in the line of duty -- just to protect the so called rights of the criminal. To hell with their rights - they lost them the minute they picked up the illegal firearm.

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  1. Vito, the problem is that most of the constituents of these clowns probably identify more with the criminal scum than the police.